Rapidform xor/redesign

Introduced in August , Rapidform XOR was the pioneering software application that XOR2/Redesign is our answer to their requests and suggestions.". Rapidform, offered by Inus Technology, Inc., is a 3D scan data processing package. It is often used for product redesign, inspection, and reverse engineering. Rapidform XOR/Redesign is the first software solution that allows users to go from 3D scan data to a fully parametric CAD model. While traditional 3D scan data.

Geomagic Design X (formerly Rapidform XOR) is the only reverse Design X's redesign tools save hours or days of work compared to reverse. Rapidform XOR is the only reverse engineering software that combines CAD with XOR's redesign tools save hours or days of work compared to rebuilding in. Rapidform XOR, the only 3G (third-generation) reverse engineering software, is a complete software application for creating CAD models from 3D scan data.

XOR/Redesign: With this software you can convert 3d scan data to an editable CAD model, it is used for reverse engineering applications and analysis.