Escape the prison minecraft map

A puzzle escape the prison map with a twist at the end! I'm sure there will be a part 2 of this map so be ready for it! I dedicate this map to. Welcome in Escape Prison 2! This time there will be only one prison! You have to follow the rules and the time schedule if you don't want to get. Map types: Escape, Puzzle. 15 votes, average: out of 5 15 votes. Escape: Prison Sentence Map / for Minecraft is a puzzle map created by.

Jail Escape - players. - Try to escape from the prison using various passages. - Avoid being killed by the Warden - Have Fun!. This is a Prison Escape adventure map Estimated time to complete 25 45 minutes. This map contains Puzzles Parkour Mazes Bow shooting collecting certian. THE PRISON ESCAPE CHALLENGE - - - - -Introduction- - The Creator of "The Dying Sun" and "Cryptic Parkour" Brings a brand new Minecraft.

Escape prison map is puzzle map for Minecraft created by Nico_The_Pro. This is the most popular puzzle map ever for Minecraft.