Setsystemfilecachesize exe

Command-line program designed to help you set the limit on the maximum size of the system file cache in order to prevent some memory from being used by running processes. SetSystemFileCacheSize is a small software application whose purpose is to help you set the limits of the file. GetSystemFileCacheSize; SetSystemFileCacheSize. I'm not so . -Create simple batch file to execute flush. This is a utility for bit WIndows machines (Vista, 7 and 8) that solves a problem with Windows becoming extremely slow and.

In contrast to SysInternals CacheSet SetSystemFileCacheSize sets a real in the same folder a the exe or into the Windows or Windows\System32 folder. Disable minimum and maximum size: off off. Flush the file cache: flush. Note: The tool must be. You have to call the system API SetSystemFileCacheSize() off flush.

There is a tool called which can be used to permanently set the upper usage limit of the file system cache. flush and. Code: [Select]. ( Run as Administrator) Create a Task to run the batch file as. Assumed that you have downloaded these two applications in a folder – C:\ MetafileKiller. – can be downloaded.