Php-syslog-ng ubuntu

OpenAai Update This is the old, and discontinued php-syslog-ng (version o) project of Clayton Dukes, now owner of the professional follow-up Logzilla Please check this wiki for installation instructions Thank you for your great work Clayton Dukes - OpenAai/php-syslog-ng. I have only tested this installation with Ubuntu (/) and Debian 8. This is. This guide was tested with Ubuntu LTS, PHP , Apache and the default log Alternatively, you can Manually Configure Rsyslog or Syslog-ng.

Install Syslog-ng Ubuntu. Posted on . php-syslog-ng is a log monitor designed to let the user quickly and easily manage logs from many hosts. So I am trying to set up a server that logs events from the pfsense firewall, and put the logs from syslog-ng to mysql, and organize/send them to. I need to install PHP-SYSLOG-NG on my Ubuntu system. But Im not able to find any useful documentation. Can someone please tell me from.

Added Front page. I'm happy to announce the latest release of PHP-Syslog-NG (hooray!) I got it working in Linux (Ubuntu), here's how. 'php-syslog-ng' is a front end that lets users view syslog-ng messages logged to MySQL in real-time. You can quickly and easily manage logs.