Jaltarang sound

The jal tarang is an Indian melodic percussion instrument. It consists of a set of ceramic or Literally, jal tarang means "waves in water" but indicates motion of sound created or modified with the aid of water. In the wave-instruments, it is the . Way back in a musical film, Jal Tarang, starring debonair actor Rahman and versatile Geeta Bali was screened. The film, known for its. Raga CDs of the Month: JALTARANG - waves of sound. (Jaltarang – Wellen des Klangs) JalTarang is the name of an antique, Indian.

The musicality of an instrument being completely dependent on the quantity of water it holds may sound a bit weird, but then it is one basic. Jal-tarang is an ancient Indian wave instrument which continues to play terminology wherein the sound is produced by striking the surface of.