Itunes for ipod touch 1st generation

i know that my computer is set for my itouch 1g as it has been working fine before the upgrade to the cable is good as it works fine with a. I'm trying to use an original iPod Touch (8Gig) with iTunes Whenever I plug it in I get the error message: "iTunes could not connect to the. Recently upgraded iTunes to , and since when syncing I cannot backup my 1st gen iPod touch. I know it's an old device but works.

1. No. 2. You can sync both to a single iTunes library. 3. Append the last three characters of its serial number to. The error message that I get when I plug my Ipod into my Macbook Air 11' is as follows: iTunes could not connect to the iPod touch “Ben's ipod”. 1st gen, 2nd gen, and 3rd gen: Wi-Fi ( b/g) 4th gen: Wi-Fi ( b/g/n) 5th gen: Wi-Fi . Users then must install iTunes and connect the iPod through a USB port. The iPod will then be set up in iTunes. New iPods bought after October .

The iPod is a line of portable media players and multi-purpose pocket computers designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The first version was released on October 23, , about 8 1⁄2 months after the Macintosh version of iTunes was released. As of July 27, , only the iPod Touch remains in production. . As of the second-generation iPod Touch and the fourth-generation iPod. This player is the iPod touch, not the Apple iPhone; Upgrade your player with the iPhone Software Update for iPod touch via iTunes for an additional fee. most recently took another look at my Apple iPod Touch 1st Generation. episodes so I connected the iPod to my computer, fired up iTunes.