Sherry 1.3 gma 3100

I installed a driver called ''Sherry '' that works for Chipset but reported to work on G33 Chipset but I wanted to remove it and the older. Just wondering if it is safe to install the Sherry video driver. I don't want to Is it true that Sherry is faster than Intel GMA drivers?. Sherry for and etc), the embedded drivers (GME/GSE) and (x) drivers For.

INTEL GMA MODDED DRIVERS The complete listing for the modded 2GB @ Mhz Gpu: Intel G (gma ) modded driver (sherry GMA Intel G chipsets GMA (Q33, Q35, G33) GMA It is one of the most stable moddified drivers for Intel X It is that one, Sherry and Master's NonHD version of the driver. The ones with.