Map dota foc bleach vs one piece

Bleach vs One Piece is an epic Warcraft 3 Map where the two anime teams Bleach characters and One Piece characters fight against each other!. Bleach vs One Piece vb.w3x (5 MB) pls add more character bleach: ichimaru gin soifon bankai tensa zangetsu etc. No New hoivahuonepingala.comzzzz. Map Details for F.O.C Bleach V.S Naruto v F.O.C Bleach V.S Naruto v A , Sam, Cameron and Hollow(BG) sorry if i missed names.

Map Details for Bleach vs One Piece vb. Bleach vs One Piece vb, 12 players version Bleach vs One Piece vb by Kurogane. please don`t re-upload this map or edit special you Jarrod:( A Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (WC3) Map in the Other/Misc category, by _Black*Shad0w_. Ahh return of le famous Luffy vs Ichigo custom map! Those DotA feels Finally. I hope someone makes an FOC custom game soon as well. . Haven't played the original mod, but hell yeah dota and One piece in one game!.