Starcraft 2 cursors

Feel free now to change your old starcraft cursors to a new one. Made for [link] community Starcraft 2 Cursor Set. [Download link to MediaFire]( mjee4enacxx5aid/SC2_Cursor.7z) [How to change. Hey all, I found these pretty sick looking SC2 Cursors on deviantart, using them right now! Here's the download if you want to check them out.

Starcraft 2 Cursor Set by zskaer. Stracraft 2 Normal Cursors. Very high quality Starcraft II Cursors for windows, Any Cursor, Any color custom made just for you:D. I had a few requests for my Cursor when. I had a few requests for my Cursor when people saw my screen shots and remotely assisted people with team viewer presentations. I took a. 2) go to control panel -> mouse -> pointers. at the bottom, click the browse button. Find the. I just had a disappearing mouse issue after the latest SC2 patch. The problem was mouse trails. Disabled mouse trails and cursor reappeared. Are you a StarCraft fan? If the answer is yes, the StarCraft 2 mouse cursor theme is precisely what you might need to complete your StartCraft.