Inception comic book

Did Christopher Nolan spend too much time in the comic book store researching for his Batman films and accidentally pilfer a plot from an issue. Warner Bros has released a page Inception prologue comic book on Yahoo! Movies. Written by Jordan Goldberg, and featuring art by Long. Inception is a science fiction action film written, co-produced, and directed by Christopher Warner also released an online prequel comic, Inception: The Cobol Job. The official trailer released on May 10, through Mind Game was .

A free online comic whets appetites for Christopher Nolan's upcoming thriller Inception with 18 pages of story leading directly up to the movie. The plot of "Inception," starring Leonardo DiCaprio, has been rumor that the movie "Inception" was inspired by a Donald Duck comic book. Inception: The Colbol Job is a special page prologue to the feature film Inception. The story focuses on Cobb (played in the film by Leonardo DiCaprio) and.

We've seen a number of prequel comic books for films here at MovieViral, both in the real world (i.e. Star Trek and The Crazies) and online (i.e. Warner Brothers has released a free Inception comic book (viewable at the website or downloadable as The story, “Inception: The. Inception is one of the most anticipated films of the year and Warner Bros. knows this. They've been pretty spectacular with their marketing.