Computax tds software

CompuTax group is a leading software group which has started the concept of by Chartered Accountants, Tax Practioners, Corporates for Income Tax, TDS. 27A required to be submitted with e-Tds/Tcs return/statements. Automatic generation of Included in the list of “software providers” by NSDL. E-payment of . CompuTax is Income Tax software which now deals in Taxation Software required for preparing and filing returns of Income Tax, TDS, Service Tax, ROC.

COMPUTDS. Download. COMPUBAL. Download. COMPUSERVE. Download. COMPUROC. Download. COMPUGST. Download. COMPUPAY STANDARD. Included in list of software provided by NSDL. Utilities • 1. Computax Tds Software Information. Look at most relevant Computax tds demo. Spectrum is a combination of Zen Income Tax Auditor Edition, Zen e- TDS, Zen Service Tax, Zen Document Manager, Zen Project Report / CMA.

Computax Tds Software Information. Key Features • 1. E-Filling of Return from Various Browsers as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. • 2. CompuOffice consists of basic modules like CompuTax, CompuTds, CompuBal, CompuServe, CompuRoc which fulfills requirement of Income Tax software. Tech Shop offering Compu Tax Software in Maninagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Advance Tax / Self Assessment Tax]; Import of TDS entries from CompuTds.