Linux mint wubi

You can do that easily. You'll need an extra ubuntu or lubuntu ISO image. Extract from the ISO file and put the ISO file and the. Windows installer for Linux Mint based on Wubi. Contribute to linuxmint/mint4win development by creating an account on GitHub. I understand, but is there an alternative like wubi/uefi? Or, is it possible to install linux mint on a loop device onto a ntfs disk, and place the.

There is a community supported Wubi version called Wubiuefi (see https://github. com/hakuna-m/wubiuefi/wiki). You can also install Mint with. It might be a good idea to have a Mint equivalent of Ubuntu's Wubi installer so people can try it without messing with partitions. I was first. I'm working with a thinline laptop that required Wubi to boot and install Mint 14 from an external DVD drive (it dual-boots to Win7). I don't seem.

Ubuntu WUBI is one of the boon to newbie linux. It is hassle free. I was thinking if there is any such installer available for Linux Mint? Top. Is it possible to install Linux Mint 8 using Wubi (I Downloaded Wubi from wubi- If there is anyway plzz Tell me :?: I will be gratefull. A tutorial demonstrating installation of Ubuntu and Linux Mint upon Windows without any partitioning using Wubi and Mint4Win is provided. This guide shows how to use WUBI to install Ubuntu inside of Windows 10 even How Do You Create a UEFI-Bootable Linux Mint USB Drive?.