Dessert love otome game

So I decided to marathon all 3 of Tiramisu Villa’s game. So anyway starting with their old game Dessert Love which was released in ! Pingback: Special: Otome Game Recommendations «かわいいじゃなきゃダメなの!. Note: Full Voiced Game (Including heroine is also voiced) I already get full CGs and played everyone path for this game. Though the art not the. Title, Dessert Love -Kare to no Hajimari-. Original title, Dessert Love-彼との はじまり-. Aliases, デザートラブ. Length, Short (2 - 10 hours). Developer.

Game Title: Dessert Love ~Kare to no Hajimari~ Company: Tiramisu Villa Release Date: Genre: AVG (18+), Otome Game Voice: Full. Of the characters on Anime Characters Database, 10 are from the h-game Dessert Love -Kare to no Hajimari-. DESSERT LOVE OTOME DOWNLOAD, Original title, Dessert Love-彼との はじまり-, 18+, Dessert Love - Kare to no Hajimari- Download Edition, Fully.

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