Baofeng bf-v85 software

Programming software (RRS) for the BaofengV85 portable radio. Host versionEnglish. DetailThis software is used for UV-V Download · First Prev 4 Last page 4/4Page 10Software/PageAll 31 Software. mobile web. About us. Item ID: BF-V Item Name: BAOFENG BF-V85 Daul Band Two-way Radio. Member Price: USD * Shipping Cost Included. Currency: USD. Ships to.

BaoFeng BF-F8+ Dual Band (VHF/UHF) Analog Portable Two-Way Radio. Select to View More. Features. SPECIFICATIONS. ACCESSORIES. Software and. BST (use Baofeng BF) Also includes the BF-V85; BFS/S/ S Also includes the UV-5R7W; BF-T1 (Same as Baofeng MINI or BF Item Name: BAOFENG BF-V85 Dual Band Two-way Radio. USD USD Quantity: 0. The item you are trying to view does not exist or was suspended.

BF-V USER'S MANUAL. Dual band Dual watch~ Single Display ' ' '.9§§§'§§]§ °£ Use only BAOFENG supplIed or approved batterIes and chargers. g3 .. FM radio Channel- -You can program your transceiver operating in the setup. PTT ID SPECIFICATIONS: General Frequency Range UHFMHz VHF MHz Channel Capacity 99 Channel Spacing.